Dombolo (Dumpling)

Dombolo is a traditional South African recipe. It tastes wow with an oxtail stew. If you love to bake, try this easy recipe.


1. 270 g flour

2. 50 g bran

3. 3½ t baking powder

4. ½ t salt

5. 2 t butter

6. ¾ cup milk


  1. To make the dumplings, mix the dry ingredients together and rub in the butter
  2. Add the milk and knead to form a dough
  3. Divide into 8-10 portions and shape into balls
  4. Drop the dumplings on top of a stew, cover and cook over a low heat for 10-15 minutes
  5. Dombolo (dumpling) is ready to serve

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